Growing your Business or Startup by visiting Events

Instead of the usual digital marketing tricks and ‘growth hacks’, we’re taking a little different route today. Visiting events, conventions and meet ups are proven to be crucial and a handy way for entrepreneurs as well as young startups to find new customers. However, this practice seems to have been forgotten in the new age where most of the communication is done behind the comfort of a computer screen, tablet or phone. Growing a business requires hard work and meeting your clients in person can definitely give you an edge over your competition. As, more often than not, your customers build a sense of trust and bonding towards you.

Here are some easy tips you can employ to find relevant meet ups and events in your area.


Eventbrite is probably one of the most used websites where organizers publish their events. Fill in your keywords, find an event relevant to your interests and order your ticket. It’s as simple as that.





Using Twitter

Use Twitter to your advantage and search for activity in your area. It can be a handy alternative for any events not published on Eventbrite. Start your target with simple keywords like: “social media event” or “startup event” and end your search with “near:place” to narrow down your location. Don’t forget; many organizers use hashtags to identify or popularize their event on social media, so you may want to keep that in mind when typing that new tweet.






Should you, however, fail to find any events using the tips above there are always the obvious alternatives like that works very similar to, and Google that doesn’t need any further explaining. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for open RSVP events on Facebook.





With these tactics in the back of your head you should now be able to find events easily. It might be scary to go outside and get in touch with people, but these activities will help build up courage and motivation towards you and your product or business.