Increase Web Traffic using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great site to maintain your professional connections, however, not many people know that there are numerous ways you can also use it to boost your web traffic. Most people will gather clicks and web-conversions from the more popular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and while they are effective tools, LinkedIn can be a handy way to reach an audience that might have a bigger interest in your product. What sets LinkedIn apart is their Long-Form Post feature, it allows you to establish your professional identity by sharing your experiences. See it as guest blogging on a very popular website. So let’s break down the process of getting web traffic through publishing your posts on LinkedIn.


The way we like to start creating our post is by browsing the news for some trending topics regarding tech, business or economics. The reason why posts that are currently relevant have a better effect on your traffic is because they’re usually topics actively searched for on the internet, plus they’re easier for you to promote on social media.

You can always try something different and write posts about what inspired you to start your own business, or you can give your readers some career related tips you’ve learned from your own experience, for example. Be creative, your users will appreciate that!

Now that you’re done writing your post, create a catchy title. Remember, titles are the thing that catch your readers’ attention. Try to place yourself in the readers’ shoes; which headline would make you want to read the post?




Once you’ve finished the article in its entirety and created a good title, it’s now time to publish and promote it. Click on the “Posts” button in your LinkedIn dashboard and paste your story. Take a look at your connections before you publicize the post, it should speak for itself that the more people you’re connected with on LinkedIn, the more traffic your post will receive. Try to invite as many people as you know to connect with you. Don’t forget to share your post on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ once you’ve decided to publish it.


Keep in mind that posting on LinkedIn becomes more effective once you start building an audience. It takes practice and it’s best to experiment as much as possible with it. Make it fun for yourself and your readers; try different topics, be down to earth in your articles and show that you enjoy writing them, positivity always helps!