How to Make More Money from your Website Now!

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of creating your site is finding a way to convince your customers to purchase your product. We know how hard this can be, so we created this short guide to help you on your way of getting more money from your webpage.


There are lots of handy sales techniques used by merchants throughout history and many of them can still be applied today. One of the oldest tricks in the book is: scarcity. People will stand in line all day when there are flash sales in stores, the product they want is scarce and they want to avoid the chance of missing out on it. Humans have a natural inclination to become fearful when there’s a threat of scarcity. This causes us to be more vulnerable to temptation and impulse.

You can apply this tactic to your website easily. For example; sell your product at a discount for the first 20 customers then proceed to increase the price for the next 100 or so.


This next method is perhaps the most popular one; anchoring. You see these in stores every day: “get 3 candy bars for the price of one!” Or “699,- iPhone now only 399,-!”.  The reason these ads perform so well is that people will rely on the first piece of information more heavily than the subsequent information in order to make a decision. This is caused by a mental short cut people use to simplify a complex problem.

So how do you apply this to your website? People need to feel as if they’re getting a better deal than they normally would. So instead of just showing your price, try to introduce an anchor.


Do you remember ever purchasing a product out of fear that it might not be there tomorrow? That’s called loss aversion. People would rather choose not to lose something over gaining the same thing; humans react stronger to loss than to gain. Security companies showcase this technique very well. You don’t want burglars to rob your house, this can be avoided by installing an alarm system. They’re tempting their customer to use their product to avoid fear of loss.

What would your customer lose by not using your product? Let your product be a solution to a theoretical problem to showcase how it can better your clients’ life.

  • zeeshan