Spy on your Competitors and see how they get Traffic!

Perhaps the biggest secret wish of any entrepreneur or company is to see where their competitors are getting traffic from. With this knowledge it’s easy to adjust their website to the needs of their potential customers. It’s almost like corporate espionage without the risks. In this short tutorial we will guide you through the process of obtaining valuable information about your competition from valuable traffic sources.

First we need to make sure that our information source is detailed and elaborate, here at TweetFavy we prefer SemRush, SpyFu and SimilarWeb. They provide us with analytics and statistics on the traffic sources, whereas most of their competitors only show the backlinks.




The process from here on out is relatively simple; you type down the address of your competitors website and the source will provide you with all the information you need to know about the origins of their traffic.

The goal now is to put the information you’ve received from these websites to good use. What you can do is travel to these sources yourself and put advertise your website as much as you can. If it’s a forum or a blog; contact the admin and see if you can work something out. Make sure you’re not obtrusive by spamming their websites with your content, be down to earth and approach them with your content.