How to come up with a disruptive business model


“To invent, you just need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”

— Thomas Edison


Getting in touch with your inner disruptor

Want to come up with funky new business ideas? Dirty your hands like Dyson, Eberhard and Tarpenning.


We study our readers, so we know some things about you. We know you want to be an innovator, delivering new products and services and finding novel solutions to problems. And you’re probably a nethead, too. You rely on the internet for fast, frictionless access to business resources. Did you ever consider that those two statements might be contradictory?

Successful startups are different. That’s what enables them to win customers from hidebound competitors, or open up new markets where no-one bothered to look before. Management gurus agree that the best growth hack of all is a ‘disruptive business model’… but they don’t give much advice about where to start looking for one.


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Connect Your Business with Social Media: Free Brand Empowerment

The old proverb says that there is no such a thing as a free lunch. So, how is it possible that you can introduce your business to new people in a completely free way? Well, we should thank social networks for such an opportunity. The moment it became manageable to create your personal profiles and share information with other people in the Internet milieu, it was clear that the existence of such platforms can be used for business purposes, as well.


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