Why your product needs an unboxing video

If you’re in the business of selling physical goods and products, then you already know how important it is to make your customers’ experiences amazing. And you probably know all the standard approaches: responsive service, personalized followups and invites, online community building… plus, of course, making sure you give them a really great product! But the chances are you’re missing out on an easy-to-implement trick.

It’s a unique, powerful growth hack which will help you to start building amazing customer experiences at the prospect stage… before the people you reach out to have even become customers. Intrigued? Your prospects will be, too!

So, what is this growth hack? It’s a simple one- or two-minute YouTube video that shows the process of unboxing your product and setting it up for the first time.




We know that, for many business owners, the prospect of making videos is about as appealing as being waterboarded. Well, maybe you’ll learn to overcome those negative feelings some time in the future. For your unboxing video, it doesn’t matter a bit!

In fact, some of the strongest unboxing videos are made by consumers who’re really excited about the product they just bought, and want to document every minute of their first encounter. Those tend to combine shaky ‘first-person’ footage shot on a mobile phone with blow-by-blow commentaries recorded live.

Others are made by companies who want to show their customers exactly what they can expect after purchase. This type tend to be ‘third person’, with a cameraperson tasked with filming the unboxing process and the reactions of the person doing the unwrapping. Such videos often feature a voiceover by the manufacturer, and cutaways to product information, but they’re still quick and easy to make.


Want to do your own unboxing video? Our three step program will help you get the best out of YouTube.


You don’t need an expensive camera to make a compelling video. Mobile phones with movie software will do a pretty good job, and you can easily edit your footage together with iMovie or similar.

Not sure whether to go with a first or third person video? Shoot both! Hand a camera to the person doing the unwrapping, and film them as well. Editing is easier when you have choices.

Want to add fancy graphics, voiceovers, or a soundtrack? OK… but be careful not to lose that ‘Christmas morning’ vibe. And, above all, try to make sure that the person doing the unwrapping really is a newbie. Getting your Head of Sales to act surprised will look plain wrong.


Great examples


NAO unboxing

We defy anyone to watch this third-person-style shoot and not want their own robot


Unboxing Tracerco dosimeter

Effective first-person video with a clear voiceover and lots of tech detail


Unboxing a pair of turtles



If you enjoyed today’s video-powered growth hack, stay tuned for a future post in which we’ll look at leveraging YouTube in your marketing strategy.