Tweets will now be 10.000 characters!

“We better use Twitter because that way we can reach out more effectively with a Tweet!” – Koen

“Non-sense, a Tweet doesn’t bring the message across! Let’s try something else!” – Thyn

This happened to be a silly discussion between me and my brother whenever we tried to decide who used the most effective Social Media. Twitter is known, loved or hated for their short messaging. However the Company with the Blue Bird logo is about to change their value package drastically.

After already upgrading the word-count of private messaging. Today Twitter announced Upgrading the word-count with a staggering 7000% (approximately). Leaving the short messages that hold a 140 characters and introducing a 10.000 character count per message. Leaving us to wonder whether short-messaging is out-dated and less effective than it was. As I am writing this blog Twitter is testing with this new limit. To soften the impact they try to retain the Timeline. Meaning it will keep showing short-messages, and by clicking showing the full message for you to read on.

A bold move for sure, but it follows a trend picked up by a lot of bloggers already. Ali Mese, a respected blogger and entrepreneur says that “A 1000 words for a blog story is preferred over 200.” We’ve created an image to illustrate what tweets with the 10.000 character limit might look like. The only question that remains if we look at the pictures is simple: Do we want Twitter to keep Tweeting, or do we want to Blog?