Business and Social Media – the Happy Couple of the Digital Age

Social media are part of virtual space, but they have a strong impact on our reality, as well. With the fast growth of the smartphone market, the significance of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other channels has become even greater. Since they are popular with people of different age and social status, today social media have a strong influence on the world of business, too. They can skyrocket your rocket or turn it to dust.




Well-paced post rhythm

When a business decides to create special pages in different social media, they have to learn how to pace their posts. It is important to know the right dose of every post. If you have ever had a Facebook friend who posts a new comment or status every couple of minutes, you have the general idea of how annoying that can be. Therefore, your business posts should not be too frequent and definitely not only about business. You have to create a certain image which will show that your business is a successful and proactive unit. Publish educational videos and inspiring TED talks, to show your audience you care about them. The posts related directly to your business should be placed somewhere between those informative, but non-business posts.




Original promotion

Having social media at your disposal is a powerful marketing tool. Nevertheless, what people usually do is gabble about their products in a boring way. Social media are made for fast interaction and quick but catchy messages. Businesses need to come up with original call-to-action phrases and use them throughout their online places. They should be somewhere between hit phrases and taglines. If you manage to devise a catchy phrase and publish it on your social media profiles, as well as on your blog and website, it might become a tagline that will make your business a well-known brand. Social media are a perfect means of transferring such messages to millions of Internet users.


Perfect media for special offers

Although sending special offers to your customers via e-mail has become a traditional marketing strategy, doing the same through social media is different. Here you can use tracking tools to learn more about the preferences of your followers and customers. If you use these options, you can come up with personalized deals for your clients. However, bear in mind that putting this tactic to practice can be a demanding process, which is why you might need to arrange collaboration with an advertising agency and have everything done in the shortest time possible.


fast reply


Expedient reply service

The great advantage of social media for business purposes is that here clients and customers can easily contact their favorite shops and businesses to get some information. However, they expect to be replied as fast as possible. It can be compared to customers sitting at a restaurant, waiting to be served. If your reply service is slow, the customers will be unsatisfied and probably go to another business. What contemporary business owners need to realize is that their presence and communication in social media is also part of their PR image. This is why every business owner needs to name an employee or a team that will be in charge of social media communication.


The connection between social media and successful companies is a strong one. Although large companies have more people who can be engaged to contribute to their digital marketing efforts, small businesses usually have more innovative ideas and do not fall behind their larger fellows at all. This is why you should write posts, record videos and publish interesting materials to social media and make your profiles entertaining and informative online hubs.


Dan Radak

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.