Twitter as a Business Blogger’s Best Ally

Guest blogging can be a wonderful experience. It can help you bring traffic to your own website or blog, it can help you create new contacts and it can expose you to a world of ideas that has previously been unknown to you.

Guest blogging can also be boring and annoying, especially if you (or someone else) have set yourself certain goals that are more quantitative than qualitative in nature. In such a situation, guest blogging can boil down to producing mind-numbingly repetitive and boring content, negotiating cooperation with people who are only in it for a few bucks and chasing a link or two.

In the end, it all comes down to having more of the former than the latter. It not only makes one’s life so much better, but it also yields better results.

One of the ways in which it is possible to have more of the former than latter is to start using Twitter as a guest posting ally. This is especially true if you do mostly business-oriented guest blogging, as the author of this article does.



Why Business Bloggers Love Twitter

In the blogging world, people from different niches have sort of divided the territory. Fashion, beauty and travel bloggers have all but taken over Instagram and Snapchat. Family-oriented bloggers still love Facebook because of the groups. DIY folks are still sticking with Pinterest while most business and tech people spend most of their time and attention on Twitter.

But why?

For one, business and tech bloggers don’t really care too much for pictures, which makes social media like Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest rather uninteresting. These platforms are best left to those who have time to waste (jk). Also, Twitter is fast and to-the-point, which is something people who write about business value very much. Finally, Twitter was always more interconnected with the world of news and cold, hard facts than other social platforms.

This all makes for a combination that is just too perfect for business blogging.




Finding New People Naturally

A crucial part of guest blogging is finding new people and companies whose blogs and websites might benefit from a guest blogger’s content and who might be interested in cooperation. There are literally innumerable ways to do this and Twitter easily ranks among the best, and for a number of reasons.

For example, hashtags that Twitter uses can be the perfect starting point as they will provide you with thousands, if not millions of tweets that cover the topic in question. This can, in turn, lead to various websites and blogs where you can not only check out this content but where you can make your case for becoming a contributor.

When pitching an idea for a guest post, you will also know a bit about the biggest players associated with that particular field and you can find their Twitter profiles. From there on, you can check out their followers or the people they follow. These will include a lot of people who have their own blogs or who contribute elsewhere and following in their footsteps, you will find innumerable guest blogging opportunities.

At one point in time, you will also come across people whose tweets and content are interesting and above average and you will start paying attention to what they share and retweet. They may not be “influencers” in the more strict sense of the word, but they will still be important for your Twitter experience.

Before long, your Twitter timeline will be riddled with guest blogging opportunities that will then branch out in new ones. Once you start producing and sharing content yourself, the Follows, the Likes and the Retweets will provide you with even more.

With a tool like Tweetfavy, people can streamline this discovery of new people even more efficiently, leading to an unending stream of guest blogging opportunities.




Creating and Sharing Content

Twitter is also a fantastic place to find inspiration for your content. It is not that uncommon to come across at least a dozen great article ideas while going through just the last hour or two of your timeline. Perhaps you will have a comment that warrants an entire article or maybe you do not agree with something an expert has said about something?

The combination of Twitter and business-oriented content can also be more natural than pretty much anything in the world of content or social media marketing. By taking things slowly and not skipping steps, Twitter and content can become this natural amalgamate which leads potential readers and (why not) customers to one’s website. People from the content marketing agency King Content always emphasize the importance of this kind of interplay.

Another huge reason why Twitter makes guest blogging such a breeze is that it is the ultimate content sharing platform. Once again, it is the hashtags that make Twitter extra useful for business bloggers. These hashtags let people know what the article is roughly about and they attract readers who might not even follow you.

Retweets are also a great thing as they allow content to be shared very quickly and efficiently, reaching potentially thousands of people who may become your followers and/or regular readers.

Thanks to the unique way Twitter was originally designed and has been modified over the years, even the busiest of timelines will look structured and it is very difficult to miss out on content that you really want to see.

Since Twitter allows gifs to be included in statuses, this has also allowed bloggers to give additional commentary or facet to the content they are sharing, usually humorous, which can be a fantastic way to show that business does not necessarily have to be all about cold, hard numbers.


Closing Word

In the end, however, the main reason why Twitter and business blogging go so well together is that they are a natural combination. Twitter was always a platform that allowed people to stay in the loop and this is nowhere as important as it is in the world of business.


James Burbank

James D. Burbank has spent years in traditional marketing, trade show industry and is now doing his best to understand the world of online marketing. You can check out his blog – BizzMark Blog or you can follow him on Twitter - @JBurbank2019