5 Practical Apps for Contemporary Designers

Increasing your productivity and reducing procrastination are two interdependent processes that need to be performed simultaneously. Now that the Internet is spreading in an unbelievable way, everybody working online uses powerful smartphones and tablets to improve their productivity. Moreover, if you’re thinking about starting to work in the field of web or graphic design, there are countless apps that can alleviate your work effort. Hereby we present some handy solutions, perfect for people who have recently jumped on the design bandwagon.




A touch of Adobe Photoshop

Or, to be more precise, Adobe Photoshop Touch, is a product of one of the most influential companies in the field of design products – Adobe – which has decided to expand its field of interest to iPhones. By downloading this app, you can work with different photo filters and various layers that will add a higher quality and value to your photos. Moreover, using Adobe Photoshop Touch provides you with a free 2GB data package on your Creative Cloud account if you go for the free membership.

In addition, this remarkable app is suitable for the users of Android devices, too.


Limitless design

This app, named Infinite Design, offers its users exactly what its name tells you – a limitless number of great visual options for avid design enthusiasts. Based on the vector design graphics, it provides designers with the infinite canvas, a large number of layers, as well as all sorts of special effects for exquisite design solutions. Moreover, its users can also try five tools for design symmetry work. Also, the free version of Infinite Design is more than enough for newcomers to the beautiful world of design; as your skills improve, you can always upgrade to the paid version.


Mark your work

Many designers work with small businesses and large companies that ask designers to put digital watermarks on products made for them. What is more, professional design studios also put those marks on their work, to mark the copyright. This is why every designer should use the Marksta app. It allows you to personalize watermarks, as well as choose different effects and GEO tags; a pretty useful app for everybody who wants to protect their work legally.


Photos in bulks

Old photo providers, such as Shutterstock and Flickr, have been here for a long time and they’ve become pretty uninventive. This is why both new and experienced designers should turn to Bulkr photo packages. It allows you to browse large photo databases and download or save online the photos you need for your work in the fastest way possible. What is more, those photos can be saved in four different sizes, which is extremely important for graphic designers.




Everlasting notes

The last app in this guide isn’t strictly a visual/photo app, but it can serve as an umbrella app that helps you hold the reins of all the other apps. Evernote allows you to sync your data on all the devices you use for your creative work. Making different agendas, taking photos and creating appointment reminders are only some of the handy features offered in the free version. In addition to them, opting for the paid version will provide you with some additional options, such as increased security, offline work and video-making tools.


Apps are here to ease up the design work. They can be used on your gadgets, but there is a growing number of desktop apps, too, which can integrate all of your work to one single cloud account. Such a great variety of visual solutions will equip designers with some great productivity-boosting tools for their futuristic work. Therefore, if you’re an ambitious designer, using those cutting-edge apps is a must in these modern times.

Dan Radak

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.