How I Growth-Hacked My Recent Blog Post and Got 589 Shares & 97 Backlinks

Most novice bloggers think that the biggest mistake you can make as a blogger is to write poor quality content.

At least in a sense, they’re right. You aren’t going to get readers if your content isn’t unique, well written, and relevant. That being said, there is an equally as important part of the puzzle that is typically left out.

Article Promotion.

You can write the single greatest blog post in the history of the internet, but there is always a chance that no one will ever read it if you don’t dare to promote your work. Relying on natural growth with all of the competition on the internet now is a recipe for disaster.

You need to be able to promote your work and get yourself out there if you want your blog to be seen, read, and appreciated.

Unfortunately, many bloggers are completely clueless when it comes to blog promotion. We know how to write and research, but promotional tactics aren’t in our wheelhouse. That’s why I devised this list of promotional strategies that I know for a fact work for me.

Through a series of trial and errors, I was able to figure out how to promote my own blog so much that I was able to go from nearly 0 views to receiving 589 shares and 97 backlinks.

Below, you will find 4 of these foolproof strategies and an explanation on how you can replicate them to promote your own blog.

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Strategy #1: Create a $5 infographic on Fiverr.

Don’t get me wrong – there are fewer better ways to get your information than from a blog. Not only are they informative and typically niche oriented, but they are written by someone who is easily relatable.

That being said, there are some people out there who simply do not have the time to dedicate to reading a multi-paragraph blog post every single day. When people want to get information, they want the facts. They don’t want the flowery wording or the opinions.




Infographics are a great way to remedy this. Essentially, they are what happens when a blogger takes all of the facts out of their post and puts them into one easy to read graphic. They are accompanied by graphic design and sent out across social media platforms as a means of promotion to accompany the full blog post.

This way, people who want the meat of the blog post can look at the infographic, but those who want to go a bit more in depth are still welcome and encouraged to check out the full post.

If you are not particularly graphic design savvy, you don’t have to worry. Fiverr, an online marketplace to find freelancers, is the answer to your problem. All you have to do is type ‘infographic’ into the search to be met with several dozen graphic designers willing to create an infographic for you for just $5.

You are able to look through the graphic designers’ previous works, choose the one you want to hire, and set things up. In a few days time, you will have your infographic in hand to share as you wish.


Strategy #2: Create a Youtube video.

We already established the fact that some people do not like to read their information. While infographics are a great remedy for that to tap into those who like visual stimuli, there is a whole other market out there.




Videos to accompany your blog post should be a natural next step. Once you feel that you have tapped into all you can regarding your “reading” audience, it may be time to consider broadening your horizons. By creating a YouTube video on the same subject as your blog post, you are getting views and traffic from an audience you have never dealt with before.

Those who like to receive their information from video almost unanimously go to Youtube to do so. The popular video uploading site has millions of subscribers, all of whom are looking to watch videos.

Once you have made a simple video to accompany your blog post, upload it to Youtube and share the video across social media. It may also be a good idea to share the link in the blog post itself, and to share the blog link in the description of your video.

The idea here is to unite your readers and viewers into one large group as an audience. The more people you are able to touch with your work, the better.


Strategy #3: Use Welcome Mat plugin to gain more email subscribers.

Welcome Mat, which comes in the SumoMe bundle, basically exists to help you gain more email subscribers. If you don’t quite understand why email subscribers are so important to your promotional strategy, let me explain.

If someone subscribes to your weekly/bi-weekly newsletter, they are basically telling you that they want to be kept up to date on what is going on in your life. This, for all intents and purposes, makes your subscriber newsletter the absolute perfect place to promote your latest blog post. Who better to promote to than people who want to read about what you have to say, right?

Unfortunately, this method is only as good as the number of people willing to subscribe. That’s why Welcome Mat is so important.




To get started, you are going to need to install SumoMe and enable the Welcome Mat plugin. Then, once that is taken care of, plug in your call to action and connect it to your email provider.

You then must create a confirmation page and click the “enable instant landing page” tab, as that dramatically increases conversions.


Strategy #4: Join a Subreddit.

Promoting your work on Reddit is kind of like seeking the approval of the cool kid back in high school. Although we’re all so over that mentality as adults, there’s still something very validating about getting the cool older kid to admit he thinks you’re awesome.

Reddit, which is sometimes known for its brutal honesty, has “subreddits” in basically every niche imaginable. This means that it is really great to promote in, regardless of what the topic of your blog post is. All you have to do is register an account on Reddit, join a few relevant subreddits, and get to commenting around.




Upvote people’s posts, comment them, and engage in meaningful conversations. Once you have established that you are not only there to self promote, you can and should post a link to your blog post on the subreddit of your choosing and wait for the comments to start rolling in.

Reddit, while opinionated, is a family. They will tell you what they think and you are sure to garner some views from it. All you have to do is reach out to them and be genuine about it.