5 Solid Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Is Right For Your Business In 2017

1|Instagram’s Rate of Growth

Instagram has been growing at an alarming rate since it was launched, at approximately 15% more users signing up each year. With millions of users joining each year and steadily growing, the growth of Instagram does not show any signs of slowing down. Current stats from 2016 show that it hosts between 400-500 million active users per month. People have processed over 30 billion photographs on the site in total and a mind-bending 70 million pictures are shared per day, excluding video content! This alone should be reason enough to put Instagram high up on your social media priorities list.


Instagram is also where the fashion industry of the united states found itself major success. According to the stats, 96% of all successful US fashion brands have an Instagram account. Many other industries are opening their eyes to the visual power of Instagram and you too should consider including it in your 2017 marketing strategy.


Your audience base will increase tremendously on Instagram and you will be able to reach users on an international scale. 30% of Instagram users are from America. It is predicted that by 2017, 51.8% of social media users will be on Instagram, surpassing all other platforms in terms of engagement and followers. Currently it’s not in the lead, but it is certainly set up to be in the future, especially with the population growth the planet is experiencing in the 21st century.


2| Visual Images Are Processed Better By Our Brains


One of the reasons Instagram will take over other social media platforms of the future is due to how our brains process information. The expression “pictures are worth thousands of words” comes to light here very much indeed.


[Source: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-business/why-instagram-needs-be-part-your-marketing-strategy-infographic]

The human brain processes visual information about 60,000 times faster than it does written information. Even if you just glimpse the image as you scroll through your feed, your mind has been imprinted with that information and stores it better than text. Your brain is also likely to remember 80% of the visual input it receives, while it will only retain about 20% of what it reads and 10% of what it hears, according to user statistics.


Visual content combined with audio in the format of a video holds even more weight in the brain, as the extra added stimulus of a sound helps to retain the information better. 40% of users respond better to visual information and 90% of the info that the brain takes in on average is visual (people are fundamentally grounded in what they see before them).


Understanding this is not so difficult when you already know how popular Instagram is. What’s more, one can plant a lot more information into an info-graphic or image that is relevant to the user. Often it’s easier for people to interpret images over text. There is also a fairly large amount of the world’s population that is challenged with words or uneducated – pictures definitely hold far more value to them than words. Instagram is the way for now as well as the way forward! You can supplement your marketing strategy by buying genuine likes that increases your traffic 200% within a short time.


3|Stats Shows Instagram Targets the Youth & the Future


The statistics reveal to us that Instagram is popular amongst the youth between 18-34, accounting for 65% of it’s user base. U.S. stats reveal that 32% of millennial users thought of Instagram as being the most popular and important social media platform currently. In the future, this generation of youth are going to be dominating the business scene and this world that is blooming now will be the next standardized upbringing for them. This means that if your brand wants to survive that leap towards the next generation, you better get on Instagram and fast!


[Source: https://sumome.com/stories/instagram-marketing-chapter-1]
[Source: https://sumome.com/stories/instagram-marketing-chapter-1]

Other than being perhaps understood better and favored by the youth of right now, Instagram has no other statistical bias. The gender distribution is nearly 50-50, with males engaging 51% and females 49% on the platform. This more-or-less equal distribution of users means that your brand can be promoted to a larger audiences and not just one select audience pool.


4|Instagram is “Clean” and thus Favored


One other reason that Instagram is fast becoming the preferred social media platform of choice is because it’s clean. What does that mean? Other platforms, such as Facebook and twitter allow companies to spam links and hashtags inside their posts. Many users prefer to look at a beautiful image than read a passage full of messy blue hyperlinking text.




Instagram has only ONE PLACE for a clickable link, inside your bio page. This element of cleanliness gives Instagram an upper edge for the user, making it a more thought out decision if they should go to your main site or not. With this all in mind, take full use of your portfolio page and make your only link to your page something people will want to click! Posting good quality content and keeping your posts clean from spam or promotions will have you favored along with Instagram in no time. Hashtags are still used in Instagram and are essential, but try to add 5 to 7 hashtags at the end of the post.


Just remember that anything that improves the experience for your followers is bound to increase your popularity. Cleanliness is next to godliness!


5|Interactive Design is the Way Forward


Aside from being the leading future social media platform due to all the above reasons, Instagram is on par with the future of technology. You can only use Instagram on smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This is moving users away from emphasis on computers, but more importantly it’s driving users towards real-time interactions and mobility! Snapping photos of your experiences as they occur or while on the go, encouraging interactive design and incorporating more elements of our lives on social media.


The far future of technology is gearing towards loosening the boundaries between the everyday physical world and the internet, via highly interactive design. The internet will no longer be confined to technology, but will blend seamlessly with the environment. As technology itself takes leaps and bounds, Instagram will be able to stay current – due to its visual nature, it can easily survive the transition into more interactive media and technology.


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  • kaiser

    Visual content is surely works because Instagram is the platform for fashion photos. But what should I do with twitter if I need to promote my product? Here are not so much opportunities to be recognizable with the help of the tasty pics and functional filters. The only solution I can see is to buy followers for getting potential customers. Do you have any other idea?