8 Ways to Let Your Content Kill Your Blog

I know this is not what you meant. But, sometimes, bloggers can help but shoot their own foot. And the sad thing is that they won’t notice it until their metrics look really bad.

Most of the time, the content is the culprit. And this is no surprise, as content is the vital part of any blog.

But, as I am sure that you don’t want to be one of them, here are the eight most common ways to let your content kill your blog (so you can avoid them).


# 1 – Not adding links to other posts

Believe it or not, a post with no links is a dead post. Your visitor will get there, read it, and then what? In order to increase your traffic and engage your audience, you must create an environment where they can stay for as long as possible.

So make sure that your posts have links to older content. It will also demonstrate that you are an authority on the topic, as you have written more about it. And, when relevant, also add external links to reliable sources that can complement or prove what you have said.




# 2 – Writing poor headlines

Poor headlines are definitely a killer. Many bloggers have heard that you should only post well-crafted and enticing headlines, and they think that it means that it should be something enigmatic. But the thing is that if your target audience finds out that they have to spend time trying to figure out what is your post about, the will just move to the next option they have.

People don’t have the time to understand what you mean, and they don’t want to do it. They want to find the answers they need as fast as possible. So make sure that your headlines are creative but also straightforward and informative.


# 3 – Ignoring your SERP

Your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is a vital part of your content. The same amount of effort that you put into your posts should be directed to your title tag and meta description. And this is because they are what your target audience will see first if they are looking for content through Google Search.

And, if you don’t create it, Google Search will do it for you – and you certainly don’t want a robot telling you the best way to summarize your post. The best way to avoid it is by crafting your SERP as soon as you finish your post. And if your CMS doesn’t have a system for it, add a plugin for this purpose immediately.


# 4 – Writing big chunks of text

You know that is not very comfortable to read on a screen. So if you are dealing with written content, you should make it as easy as possible for your visitors. And one way to put them off is by written big chunks of texts – it gives to them same nausea that some feel while looking at over 1000-page books.

An attractive content has short paragraphs and sentences. It is easily scannable and comes in the form of bullet lists or with several subheadings. The writing itself is visually friendly and inviting. And rest assured that the length of the text isn’t relevant here, but how it flows.


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# 5 – Providing content that you don’t understand

There you found a reason to ruin your blog forever. The world is full of wannabes, and the internet is no different. But while it is not a problem hoping to become better than you are, you can pretend that you are already there.

Call yourself an expert is something that you should avoid doing, except if you have over 10 years of experience in that topic. Let others call you that instead; it sounds more genuine. And if you are just learning while you are, be honest and say it. People will still relate to you and follow your journey with interest.

On the other hand, if you get caught lying or exaggerating, then you might never fix your reputation again. So don’t even try it.


# 6 – Creating boring and poorly-written content

Boring content will put any audience off. What everybody wants for to find online is entertainment. Even if you are searching for the dullest data for an academic paper, you still want to enjoy doing it. Poorly written content is something that nobody wants to come across for sure.

To avoid it, spend a decent amount of time planning and doing some research so that you can offer new angles or ideas. Have a look at writing services and online tools like Hemingway App, BestEssay.Education or Grammarly that can help you to improve your text if needed; you can search for some writing services reviews eather. And use tools to check your grammar and spelling before publishing anything.


# 7 – Writing for yourself

Yes, if you don’t know, you have an audience. And it is for them that you are writing, not for you. So no matter how cute you think that a particular content is in your opinion, if you are the only agreeing with it, you are on the wrong path.

Make sure that you know your target audience well if you want to prevent it. Find out which topics they want to read, which formats are their favorites, and which kind of visual resources have a better effect on them. And talking about visual resources, let’s see the next topic.


# 8 – Choosing the wrong visual resources

If you got a blog, you are probably prompted to add at least one image to your posts, no matter which theme you are using. And after spending hours creating your posts, it is understandable if you just download the first photo that you find free of charge on the internet. But it won’t help you to engage your audience.

First, you need to consider which kind of visual content works better with your audience. And it might not be a photo, but a video, or even a meme or an animated GIF. And the quality of this resource should be up to your written content, or it will not add value to it.


The bottom line

As you can see, there are many ways to let your content kill your blog. You can publish poorly written or boring posts, writing long paragraphs, add confusing headlines, and forget about your SERP, among other things.

Thankfully, everything can be easily avoided by focusing on your target audience and on providing high-quality content. So go back to your blog and check if you are making any of the mistakes above. If you are so, don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Just fix it and wait for your results to change.

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