Top Social Media Mistakes Companies Make (and How to Avoid Them)

We live in an age where every company (or at least a huge majority) is present on social media, for better or for worse. The reason for the comment is that there are still many, many, many companies out there that are really not doing a great job on the social media, for a number of reasons.

Their social media practices resemble a Charlie Chaplin routine more than the graceful dance of Mikhail Baryshnikov as they stumble from one mistake into another, turning it into a mess.

Today, we will be looking at the most common mistakes companies still manage to make on social media and we will also share a few tips on how to avoid them.


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How to Use Technology to Help a Newly Founded Business

When you decide to take the plunge and set off for an independent business journey, you have to understand and use modern technology as much as possible. Today there’s a vast array of cutting-edge solutions for improving productivity and work organization. From online services to smart in-house equipment, the following features will help you ensure steady growth for your freshly founded startup.


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Why Every Business Needs to Use Twitter

Social networks have brought an amazingly important shift in business development and opened a new era of internet marketing and promotion займ без процентов в сбербанке. In this light, any kind of business, be it big or small, can take advantage of all the perks that social media offers. However, sometimes it’s difficult to decide which network would fit your business goals best and that is definitely something worthy of careful consideration.

In this article we will focus on the chances Twitter provides for all the aspiring business owners out there and discuss why having a profile on this network can bring the world of good to you. With more and more social media wizards every day, it’s not very hard to find someone who will manage your Twitter presence with care and understanding. You can even do it yourself if you feel so inspired once you understand why every business needs to use Twitter.




It’s Easier to Make a Community with Your Customers

Whatever your line of business is, you will be able to find your targeted audience on Twitter. Not only that, but if you play your cards right, you can create a community that will revolve around your product or service.

Connecting with your (future) clients is one of the primary roles of your business Twitter account and you should take on this task seriously. As more and more people start to follow your activities on social media, they will feel closer to your brand and inspiring trust is the best thing you can do, even when you’re not meeting your clients in person. After some time, you will hear that someone recommended you to someone else through Twitter and the moment that happens, you’ll know you’re on the right track and that things will only go upwards if you keep trying.


Best Customer Support You Can Offer

You’ve probably noticed how impatient we’ve become and how the mentality “I want it all now” has taken over social media users. It’s only natural, seeing that there are some renowned brands that have set standards very high when it comes to all aspects of doing business, including 24h customer support. But how does that influence your business?

There’s nothing better you can give to your clients that prompt and helpful responses to their dilemmas and problems with your product. Everything is public these days and one complaint could easily dampen good reputation you’re trying to build, but responding to it quickly, professionally and with grace will lessen the blow. Using your Twitter account as customer support and doing it well will end up in your customers feeling assured that you’re constantly doing your best to accommodate them, it shows they are important to you. Once they’ve discovered that they can rely on you to always be there for them, they will always turn to you for assistance and whenever a problem arises, they will be more patient because they believe you will pull through.




Get in Contact with the Influencers

Twitter is probably one of the best social networks to use for contacting the greatest names of your niche without imposing too much. Especially if you’ve recently started your own business and some promotion would do you tons of good, don’t shy away from working with influencers, as long as you know how to do it right.

You can always select a few names that are at the top of your industry and send them messages asking if they would support you, but more often than not, this tactic won’t work very well. You should first try to get closer to a certain company, show them you’re paying attention to what they’re doing by re-tweeting their posts, answering some questions they pose and in general just be present so that they can remember you. After you’ve made strong contact that isn’t strictly based on you wanting something from them, it will be much easier to ask for a favor. Sometimes you will need to pay them for promoting you, but it will be well worth it, because you will gain followers quickly and support of a strong influencer, which is no small feat.


Keep Your People in the Loop

When it comes to Twitter, word gets around fast. If you want to share with your followers an innovation you’re planning to implement or something interesting happening with your business, do it during the time when most people are checking their accounts.

Share exciting news and content about your plans and new products or you can even ask for opinions of your customers on certain matters. One of the great strategies to get your customers engaged in conversations is to ask for their opinion on an important subject that will impact your business. Giving followers the chance to help you decide on how to evolve your business will empower them and it will also give you some new ideas that maybe you wouldn’t have come up with yourself. Never underestimate the power of strong opinion, especially on social media, when people have no problem with saying what’s on their mind. Also, all the relevant news and announcements you have to make should go to Twitter as well, because the response to them will be swift and very quickly you will know how your customers feel about what you’re planning to do.




Be Generous and Give Away

We’re certainly not saying go crazy and ruin your business, but having regular giveaways, coupons and deals on your Twitter page will make your followers always come back for more. Be moderate in this area, but also be sure that your customers are pampered with sweet deals they wouldn’t get unless they followed you on Twitter.

The sky is the limit with this strategy and whatever your area of expertise is, you can make sure that some perks are allowed for quickest, funniest or most creative followers you have. You will inspire people to talk about your business 1000 payday loans online
and share it with their friends, so in the end those discounts and deals you share with your customers will come back to you threefold. Once you see how well everything is coming along, you will know how to adjust your generosity, but above all, you’ll know how to inspire your Twitter friends to action which will naturally and without intrusion promote your business. Who knows, maybe you’ll manage to make your deals go viral, because if it can happen anywhere, it can happen on Twitter.

Twitterverse will treat kindly any business that is able to look beyond tedious promotion of their products that just spam people and aren’t innovative at all. If you succeed in showing how and why your business is different from all others in the niche, and for the better, you will have your followers’ attention, respect and loyalty which is all you need to make it big on Twitter. – By Adam Ferraresi

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