7 Best WordPress Plugins For Social Media Integration

The era that we live in today is marked by social media and its ways of sharing information. It’s one of the main sources of internet traffic, and an essential part of every online marketing campaign. If you own a website, you need to make the best out of your social media outlets in order to make it easy for people to share your content. This includes incorporating social media buttons into your website design.

If you have chosen WordPress, the popular CMS that now runs 27% of all the websites out there, then all that is left is to choose the right plugins for social media integration. In this article, we have made the choice easier for you by reviewing 7 of the best ones.


Sumo Share

Sumo Share is an extensive plugin coming from Sumo – a service that offers a variety of apps designed for boosting traffic. Sumo Share is specifically made for WordPress, and gives you a lot of options for customizing the social buttons that you add to your website. It comes with a simple interface that makes it easy for you to choose where you want to place the icons. It enables you to customize their size and looks, and includes options for mobile as well. Furthermore, you can make use of analytics data that lets you know how often your social buttons are clicked. This enables you to see which social media network is the most popular with your users. It’s a free plugin that also has a premium version which offers you advanced features for $20 a month.


Smart Website Tools by AddThis

Smart Website Tools by AddThis is a neat plugin which requires that you register on the AddThis service in order to use it. It offers various placement options for your social media icons. You can make use of five of them for free, but there is also a premium version that offers you another five which you have to pay $12 on a monthly basis. It’s easy to install, and comes with a variety of customization options for the placement and the looks of your icons. Once you activate the plugin, every change that you make on your AddThis account is automatically applied to your site. Furthermore, the plugin comes with two marketing tools, eight recommended content tools, and four follow tools.





Shareaholic is a social media integration plugin not only for WordPress, but also for a number of other content management systems. In order to make use of all of its features, you have to register an account, but what’s great about this plugin is that it’s completely free. It supports the use of shortcodes, and also has its own social analytics. You can choose from a number of different options for what your buttons look like. You can turn on a popover that says “thanks” to people who share your content, and also includes an ad. In addition to this, it includes a revenue sharing program setup. Finally, it offers you an option to display related content.



Jetpack is a great plugin for your social media needs, with an easy-to-use but effective sharing module. But it’s also much more than that, as it includes 34 other modules, adding various functionalities to your WordPress website. When it comes to social media integration, it lets you choose between showing official sharing buttons, icons and text, or only icons or text. As for the buttons, you can implement them into your home page, posts, pages, media and archives. It’s easy to configure and looks great.


WP Social Sharing

WP Social Sharing is a neat plugin that supports 6 of the big social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. What’s great about it is that it’s mobile-friendly and enables easy resizing for mobile devices. It supports shortcodes, and enables you to customize the text for your social media buttons. The settings allow you to automatically display them, and you can pick where you want them to be shown – in pages, posts, media and custom post types.


How To Add Floating Social Bookmark with Easing Effect


Floating Social Bar

If you’re looking for a lightweight option when it comes to social media integration, then look no further. Floating Social Bar implements a floating share bar into your pages, posts and other post types. The bar easily catches the eye, and enables you to get as much shares as possible. If needed, it can load scripts, and is pretty fast. You also get to drag-and-drop the buttons that you want to be shown.


Social Sharing by Danny

Another minimal solution for your social sharing needs is Social Sharing by Danny. It’s a simple plugin that supports Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, and enables you to implement social media buttons at the end of pages, posts and media. It comes with basic options such as choosing your Twitter username, the size of the icons (16×16 or 32×32) and changing the text label.


In summation

WordPress development Sydney based companies suggest that choosing the right plugin for social media integration is essential to making the best out of your social media pages. In this article we have presented you with some quite versatile and some minimalist plugins, so it is up to you to choose which best suit your needs

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