How to Do Social Media Marketing for Your Shopify Store

There are more than 370,000 Shopify stores online at the moment and this number is growing at an ever-increasing rate. People all over the world have realized that with a very modest investment, they can get an online store where they can sell their products to customers around the globe.

Unfortunately for you, the (future) Shopify store owner, this enormous number of stores means that you will have to work hard to stand out among the crowd.

Of course, since we are talking digital promotion, social media is your ally. However, in order to really unleash the power of social for your Shopify store, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.




Start a Blog

There is no doubt that you can do social media marketing for your Shopify store without a blog. Most obviously, a blog will provide you with content to share on social media other than talking about your discounts and special deals. This is crucial since you do not want your social media presence to look like on advertisement on top of another.

A blog can go a long way here.

If you are worried about coming up with good content for your blog, don’t. The truth is that you can find nuggets of interesting even in the most boring of niches. Considering you are selling something online, you will know tons about it and you will have no problems coming up with exciting content that you will then share on social media.


Go Visual

When using social media to promote your Shopify store, make sure that you include a visual component to your messages. A tweet without a picture or a funny gif will barely register on people’s radars. A Facebook post that is just text will be skimmed over, at best.

The good news is that your Shopify store will already be packed full of photos of products and other visuals (at least if you’re doing it right). Use these photos to accompany your social media messages and use them heftily.

Of course, you can always produce visual content to go along with your messages specifically for social media. Perhaps you could do an unpacking video that you will share on Facebook or your YouTube channel. Perhaps it’s a funny Twitter photo collage.

Just make sure people see something other than text.

People are bored with text.




Know Your Channels

Every social media channel has its idiosyncrasies and you need to know them in order to do your social media marketing right.

Just as an example, did you know that there have been studies done into how many hashtags you should use on which social media? In case you were wondering, for Twitter it is one, for Instagram it is 11+ and for Facebook it is none.

Another good thing to learn is when to post on which social media channel, although the latest articles say that it does not matter. It will probably have to do with the time zone where you do most business. If your customers aren’t awake, you should probably avoid it.

Another little quirk that you should think about is shortening your links with bit.ly or a similar service. People do it to save on characters, especially on Twitter. But, did you stop and think that this way you are getting rid of one of the chances for people to see your Shopify domain name? Instead of exposing people to the name of your website one extra time, you give them a jumble (a short jumble) of letters and numbers.


Get Customers Involved

The best thing about social media is that it allows you to better interact with you customers and you really need to take advantage of this. Your customers will mention you on social media from time to time and you need to make sure they understand you appreciate it. Like their post or page, retweet them, let them know you heard them.

You might also think about sharing customer reviews on your social media channels. There is even an app that can do this for you called Yotpo. This is letting your potential customers see how much your existing customers enjoy your products and it builds a sense of a community.

In case you package your products particularly innovatively, there is a chance that your customers might do unpacking videos. If this is happening, then you simply have to share these across your social media channels. This is a great article from Shopify’s blog that talks about this.




Don’t Just Sell

This will be our final advice of the day, but probably the most important one – don’t just sell.

A number of Shopify stores make this mistake and they start spamming their followers with nothing but deals and discounts and new offers. While your customers will be glad to learn about new discounts, this is not the primary reason why you are on social media.

You are there to build relationships with your customers.

James Burbank

James D. Burbank has spent years in traditional marketing, trade show industry and is now doing his best to understand the world of online marketing. You can check out his blog – BizzMark Blog or you can follow him on Twitter - @JBurbank2019