Increasing Your Marketing Outreach Results in 2017

A marketing outreach strategy customized for your target audience, your brand and the products/services you offer is the best plan for success. It’s about you – making what is unique to you appealing to the widest audience will produce the best results.


That should go without saying, but too many marketing decision-makers opt for generic methods that worked for some target audience on some product that might or might not have any connection with what you produce and sell. That’s the danger of blindly following the hottest marketing trends and schemes dominating the industry – They might not work for your purposes.


A backwards glance a few years out (just months in many cases) will show that many strateies, though they were appealing at the time of launch, had no significant impact on sales. If marketing doesn’t lead to sales, it is a waste of money, time and focus.


When it comes to “you” versus “some,” the choice is obvious: Spend your time and your money on communicating why you, your products and services matter to your audience. Rigorously ignore “them.” The only question that matters is, “What difference-maker/game-changer do you offer?”


In summary, always tailor your efforts to your audience and what you are offering that will improve their life or lifestyle.




Marketing Outreach Results Through Customization


Call this marketing method any of the following or whatever the adjective-of-the-day is:

  • Personalized
  • Targeted
  • Tailored
  • Specific
  • Customized


This approach focuses on knowing who you’re trying to reach and communicating to them in a cultural/demographic language they’ll respond to. It is the oldest and most universally successful way to increase your marketing outreach results. Sow this promotional marketing seed, and you will soon reap a harvest of impressive sales growth.


Here is how you can improve your marketing results most effectively:




Just one word captures the foundational approach you must have for effective marketing outreach: Promote. For our purposes, promote means “to further the progress of a product or idea or to advance its position in the marketplace.” That’s the essence of marketing. Promote or die. The noun form is promotion, and you should have a promotion running at least one-third of the time.


Modifiers to promotion that will enhance your success in the promotion of your brand include:

  • Informed promotion: Know who you’re promoting to and design your outreach to capture their attention and their business. Use demographic data for this purpose to tailor your offerings to what your target audience(s) is interested in buying.
  • Creative-and-smart promotion: Being creative for the sake or art should be left to the domain of artists, most of them starving. Setting yourself apart with creative branding that promotes the benefits your products and services deliver is your goal.
  • Promotion of a lifestyle: Watch 100 commercials, and 90 percent or more of them will promote a lifestyle enhancement or hassle reduction (reverse lifestyle enhancement) available to those who purchase and use the promoter’s products including automobiles, detergent, alcohol, tools, insurance products, financial services, pharmaceuticals, snack or fast food, beverages, clothing, fragrance/cologne, personal/sexual performance or vacation destination.
  • Aggressive promotion: If you’re afraid to spend money on marketing, you have no business being in business. It’s competitive, and the winner is often the company willing to take risks with their resources in an informed, creative way.
  • Broad promotion: Your paid and free promotional opportunities are quite diverse, and they’re growing. Make use of online/offline promotions, and carve out a presence on social media that communicates what you offer to those most likely to buy from you.

Connect With and Enthuse Your Audience


Develop and grow a client/customer base, and then promote to your list to:

  • Increase your recipients’ understanding of the issues your goods and services address
  • Offer promotional discounts and deals
  • Follow up and keep in touch with contacts through a proven customer relationship management (CRM) software platform designed to attract and keep enthusiastic fans/buyers of what you offer


Sending timely emails to those on your list is a proven way to grow the recipients’ interest and deliver a much higher ratio of customers-to-sale profits.


The Bottom Line in Marketing Outreach Results


Spending money on marketing and getting poor results might be the most frustrating experience an entrepreneur or business owner faces. That strategy is also the short route to business oblivion. By contrast, promoting what you offer and consistently connecting with the broadest market you can afford will get you noticed and soon have you selling to repeat customers and those they send your way.

Philip Piletic

His primary focus is a fusion of technology, small business and marketing. Freelancer and writer, in love with startups, traveling and helping others get their ideas off the ground. Unwinds with a glass of scotch and some indie rock on vinyl.