Skyrocket Your Online Sales With These Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media platforms have become an essential part of today’s marketing strategies. They allow marketers to learn about their prospective customers before they even make a purchase and build relationships with them all while using a process which is both fast and simple. Not to mention the opportunity to catch up on what the average customer thinks about the competition and the products and services they’re offering. This is invaluable information which can be used to build your brand, get much-needed exposure and generate leads and sales.

Success with content and social media marketing actually relies more on listening than it does on talking. Learning what’s important to your potential customers is easily accomplished by sifting through the comments, likes, tweets, shares and reviews. These are where the power of social media lies, as a proper content and social media marketing campaign cannot be accomplished without that sort of information. But simply having information is different than using it, so here are five social media marketing tips you can use to skyrocket your business.


1. Post Regularly

Sharing a bland post or tweet once a day is hardly going to get any attention, let alone any real interaction. Platforms such as Instagram don’t operate as fast as Facebook or Twitter, meaning you don’t have to post every single day to get the followers attention. However, creating a posting schedule and making it a routine results in developing a consistent interaction with your potential and existing customers. The average person is following hundreds of different brands, companies and influential people and it’s easy to get forgotten if you don’t publish new content on a regular basis.


2. Post images frequently

Photos and videos are slowly but surely becoming the most popular content type when it comes to social media engagement. Images get the most shares and retweets when compared to other types of content. This explains why image-driven platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest generate the most engagement and the most success out of all social media channels. Add images easily to your posts using tools such as Canva or Landscape and use them for anything ranging from event and product promotion to call-to-actions and company photos.


3. Interact with your followers

Posting consistently is important to get the necessary exposure on social media. But no matter how useful it is, it’s only a half of the equation. The other and far more important aspect are to interact and engage with the users. Think about your social media engagement as a conversation with the customers. Whether it’s liking posts and tweets, replying and retweeting, adding people to lists and mentioning them in your own posts, this kind of interaction serves as a two-way communication channel between your brand or business and the end-user.


4. Use a social media management tool

Logging in and out of every single social media platform every time you want to post something is not only counter-productive, but you’re also wasting valuable resources which can otherwise be used to benefit your business. Social media management tools allow you to publish content on various platforms,

schedule posting ahead of time, work with a team and view all those different feeds and options in a single, user-friendly dashboard. A casual user can have that leisure to manage their profiles using a smartphone, but you as a business need to operate more efficiently and strategically.



5. Measure, analyze and adapt

All your social media marketing efforts need to be quantified, measured, analyzed and incorporated into the next campaign. Let’s say you’ve invested in an affordable web design to create a website for your business. You post consistently on the website and share those posts regularly on social media platforms. But are you getting enough traffic? What percent of that traffic is converted into subscribers and sales? Are your posts relevant to the target demographic? All of these questions are answered using metrics such as clicks, shares, likes, comments, mentions and others and need to be tracked on a regular basis in order to fully grasp the current state of your marketing campaign and make the necessary changes to adapt your overall marketing strategy.

Other tips you can use to boost your marketing efforts include building a community around your brand and regularly participating in them, monitoring the competition, perfuming A/B testing for your shares and even build strategic partnerships with other brands and influencers. By carefully implementing these social media marketing techniques and practices, you’re not only securing the necessary brand exposure but also working on creating a lasting relationship with your new clients and maintaining the one you have with your regular customers.

Steven Clarke

Steven Clarke is business consultant/web entrepreneur. In his spare time, he likes to write about his ideas and share them with the world. Steven is a regular contributor to several websites.