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Why All Businesses Need Twitter Presence

Twitter is a booming digital ecosystem that grows at a rapid pace. As of last year, it has exceeded 300 million users and reached 500 million daily tweets. These numbers speak volumes about the popularity of this network: from local stores to big brands, everyone seems to have a Twitter account. However, the purpose it serves is maybe even more important. Namely, it has established itself as an exceptional business asset, not just a playground for witty commenting.


A busy two-way avenue

In countries like the US, the majority of companies have realized the great potential of this network, and are using it for marketing purposes. It seems that simply having a website does not cut it anymore. Consumers expect brands to have a strong and distinctive social media presence.

It is estimated that 23% of the millennial population is following brands on Twitter.  Many other customers follow SMBs in order to stay in touch with novelties and product updates. For companies, it is essential to realize that those who interact with them on this digital hub are more likely to visit their website.

So, it is clear that Twitter is a great way to amplify marketing messages and spread the word far and wide. One can easily announce a new product, share a piece of news, inform people about upcoming events or advertise a special deal.  The beauty of it is that this type of marketing is basically free.

Of course, there is a catch: spamming ads is not the most prudent tactic to win favor and trust of your audience. It is much better to be genuine and communicate (it is a two-way thing) with others instead of just selling to them. Ultimately, it comes down to engaging customers with helpful information, striking content, effective video marketing and deep insights. Or find a premium branding firm, for example, and hire them to do the work for you.




Engaging the audience

People like to reach businesses out on Twitter and want their problems solved and questions answered. Thus, the channel also serves as a powerful customer service tool. Furthermore, many brands make good use of user-generated content, hold creative competitions and keep the follower base active. It is also possible to give away coupons, hot seasonal discounts and promotions.

Another aspect of Twitter is that you can listen to what others, be it the competition, influencers or customers, are saying. A Twitter Search feature comes in handy as it allows users to see what people’s take on a particular topic is. Hence, the network provides a large quantity of valuable data on customer preferences, behavior and sentiments.

You can, for instance, acquire feedback on a new product and service and see whether it needs some fine-tuning. Twitter is also a vast networking pool, where you can meet a slew of people you would not have a chance to come to know otherwise. You can establish connections with like-minded businessmen or spy on your competition.



Make or break

Brands that manage to harness the immense power of this platform are able to cut through the noise and capture the attention of a huge audience. Over time, they find themselves in a position to build trust and loyalty. Then, it becomes obvious that Twitter can boost sales and impact the bottom line of a company.

On the other hand, small businesses that do not have a Twitter presence miss out incredible opportunities to gain traction, reach a wide audience and do the branding. They inevitably fall behind as everyone else is Tweeting. It is your call: do you want to remain in obscurity or make a name for yourself?




The next level

Twitter is an indispensable channel for commutation and promotion as well as a tool for connecting and branding.  Businesses need to be where their customers are and in this day and age, this means social media. There are a lot of benefits one can reap and viral promotions and special offers are just the tip of the iceberg.

So, strive to stay on top of trends and your industry. Learn both to listen carefully and to speak with a unique voice. Spark interest of your audience and refine your brand. You should be able to reach new business heights following the blue bird.