Get Ahead Of The Competition: Use Web Design To Improve SEO

The best way to extract maximum value from your new website is to make SEO and web design complement each other. Your SEO will improve if you focus on building solid backlinks, research for best keywords, write high-quality content and pay attention to meta tags. All of these will help you rank better in search engine results. You should be aware that inspirational and innovative web design will improve your SEO as well. The text below will provide you with some insights considering SEO and web design which can be very helpful if you just started building your online presence.


Artificial intelligence will impact Google’s web design measuring

At this moment, Google measures just a few components when it comes to quality of web design. Therefore, it’s not capable to differ good from bad design and that’s why it gathers more information indirectly, through user feedback. If your visitors stay on your page and don’t hit the back button, Google will consider your website as good and your ranking will improve. It is a matter of time before they implement RankBrain technology in ranking web design quality. This machine-learning artificial intelligence will be able to see which websites have great design and will automatically boost their search engine rankings.

Web design must be responsive

It is very important that your website is mobile friendly. This feature will most certainly increase the traffic on your website since Google will rank it better if mobile users are happy with it. Measuring of user experience will be separated for mobile device visitors and desktop device visitors. Because of that, you should make sure to build a website that will have the same functionality across multiple devices. This effort will affect your overall SEO and you’ll get better ranking and increased traffic.

Improve the website’s speed

Google doesn’t like slow sites and it will most probably penalize them. Try to see it like this: If your website is fast, your visitors will have better user-experience, and that will indirectly affect your SEO by making it better. The speed can be improved in numerous ways. When uploading images, make sure not to use HTML and CSS for resizing purposes, but correct their size before putting them online. Don’t forget to compress images and CSS files. The next step should be removing of unnecessary code and upgrading to a better and faster hosting. At the end, try to avoid putting too many adverts on your website, since that will decrease its speed as well.

Create user-friendly link structure

As you already know, backlinks from other websites improve SEO, but you shouldn’t forget about internal ones as well. The experts from Pro Web Design Sydney claim that links you place in the main menu or in footer may also help your site’s ranking. It is popular to make landing pages in order to improve SEO. Unfortunately, most of those pages act as separate entities. Make sure that every page on your website links to all important landing pages. That way, you’ll include landing pages in overall website template. At the end, make sure that your „about us“ and „contact us“ links are clearly visible since Google loves that.  

Think about colors

Try to make the colors work for you. You should choose a color scheme which will blend with the topic of your website. By using green, you’ll make your visitors relax, and it is good to be used on health and nature based sites. If you want to build a community and trust, your best pick is a blue color. This color is often used by banks, social media sites, and insurance companies. Bras and cars sites usually use red and black since those colors emit passion and energy. Finally, you should use white color if your website is image-rich and you want your visitors to concentrate on content, not the background.

Create international appeal

Yes, you should build your SEO and be focused locally, especially if you run a small business. But, you should also consider targeting international audience since you’ll get their attention regardless of your original intentions. If you decide to go with an international audience, make sure your web design matches their habits and culture. You should do some demographic research and see if your logo is appropriate to be shown in different countries. Focus on colors and symbolism your website offers. At the end, make sure your domain name is easily pronounceable in different languages so you’ll get recognizable by a wider audience.

Final thoughts

Creating a website that will rank well in search engine results can be very hard and challenging. The best way to improve is to get well educated and informed on the latest changes in search engine algorithms and try to adapt. Once you’re done with the technical part, you can start working on your content. Your website’s traffic will increase and you’ll get a bigger revenue if you offer high-quality product or service to your target audience.

Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is a marketing consultant and a freelance writer from Sydney. She has been working with different companies for 5 years now. When taking a break from making new marketing slogans, she is either window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.