Using Company Events to Promote your Business Effectively via Social Media

Regardless of the size of your business, organizing company event will most certainly help it to grow. This marketing strategy should be on the top of your list of development tactics. Hosting an event will help you to strengthen the relationships with your end costumers and will also improve your professional connections. There are plenty of ways to use your events to promote the business on social media, and the text below will point out some of the most important ones.

Events can position the business as thought leader

As mentioned above, the event can be one of the most important marketing channels you hold in your arsenal. Organizing an event will help you to meet various business goals. You just need to decide upon the nature of the event. You can choose between a panel, conference or even networking event. That way you’ll be able to build trust among other businesses in your area of expertise. Once you’ve organized a few events, you’ll probably become a thought leader, and you’ll provide some more value to your customers as well.


Use the social media to set the tone of the event

The social media is the best tool for setting the appropriate tone of the event. You should work on the tone before, during and after the event is finished. The best way to build the interest is to tease your audience with event related posts. During the event, make sure to engage your attendees and at the end, thank everybody and leave the space to answer all questions that may come up. A great touch is an official hashtag which should be included in all your posts. The engagement of your attendees will ease up the whole process and your event will be on the way of success thanks to social media.

Plan your social messages ahead

In order to be efficient with event’s promotion, make sure to schedule all teaser social media posts in advance. Make sure to have them set and ready on the day of the event. That way, you’ll have plenty of time on your hands to work on actual event execution and logistics. Keep in mind that it is important to schedule, but don’t get carried away. You should make enough space for real-time interaction during your company event.

Think hard about pricing the event

One of the most difficult tasks considering event organization is the pricing. Should you go with a high, low or middle price? What story will the each price tell? If you decide to organize a free event, be aware that good number of RVSPs won’t even show up. That’s the reason to set up any price since people who invested in the event will most probably be there. You shouldn’t be looking for profit here. Work on the pricing the way you’ll give your attendees the value they’ve paid. Make sure to organize some fun content such as comedians, magicians or caricature artists. Another great option is to look for Sydney based photo booth available to hire, or even book a tribute band.

Pay attention to all your attendees

Make sure to acknowledge your social media audience to avoid any fumble. In case there are people who aren’t satisfied with your event and they actively comment it on Twitter, make sure to give them a response with your brand on a mind. If someone commented your event on Facebook, make sure to acknowledge the issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible. By putting in this effort, you’ll make sure your relationships with customer base remain unharmed and you’ll protect your future events as well.

Use content marketing to expand a shareable moment

Your event will hopefully get interesting once people gather together. Of course, there will be plenty of photos and video materials made during the event. Make sure to go through all of them and stick to the most representative ones. Choose a few photos where you can see that your business partners and customers are having a lot of fun. Once you’ve chosen the content, put it on your official website or blog. People will be happy to see they are part of a community and that will strengthen relations even more.

Final thoughts

As you can see there are a lot of ways to organize a successful company event and fortify it with help of social media strategies. Keep in mind that your first event will be the most stressful one since you’ll be unsure how it will go and if everybody will have a great time. Just keep calm and plan ahead. Once you’re done with the first one, you’ll have plenty of feedback so you’ll be on the right track to replicate the success or make an even better event in the future.