Biggest AdWords Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When getting into the exciting world of online marketing, we usually end up at a particular doorstep – AdWords. With global coverage and affordable plans that fit anyone’s pocket, it’s hard to shy away from the seemingly limitless possibilities that AdWords can offer. However, even though the choice is fairly easy, following through can be a whole other ballgame. Exciting as the advertising world may be, there are still pitfalls along the way, even online. Knowing which roads to take and how to correct our pathing once we start to stray can mean the difference between a successful campaign and a complete flop.


Opting for the wrong keywords

A common mistake or “noob trap” as it’s been called in recent times is the decision to opt for very broad, high search volume keywords. At first sight, this sounds like a great idea – you know your keyword is going to get traffic, but what you don’t realize is that if the keywords aren’t specific enough – you just end up losing more money. These keywords will eat up your budget faster than you can notice and will end up amounting to no conversions whatsoever. Choose specific keywords that apply to your product and generate reasonably high traffic – this way you’ll pay less and get more out of it.

Leading leads to your home page

Another common mistake people tend to make is investing in the right keywords, getting people to click on their ads and then tank the whole thing by having people land on their home page. There is a reason the “landing page” exists, the hint is in the name. The landing page directly leads potential customers to the item they were offered and provides a simple and straightforward option to purchase or sign up. Homepages, however, end up leading leads further away from what they wanted to see and has shown to cause a great many of leads to just back away, having lost interest completely.

Unfamiliarity with profit margins and/or conversion rates

This essentially comes down to the general approach most people have adopted in recent times, and that is the so-called fire and forget method. Just because an AdWords campaign has been launched does not mean in any shape or form that the work is done. The truly difficult part is tracking how well this campaign is doing, figuring out what your conversion ratio is and correcting trajectories while it’s still happening as opposed to waiting for something to go horribly wrong. The key idea here is to improve all-around revenue

Ignoring your brand

This cannot be stressed enough – bid on your brand, do not let the competition win due to negligence on your part. Even though brand bidding may seem redundant in reality it is completely the opposite. Professional marketing agencies such as Green Web Marketing usually use branded keywords for both SEO and SEM campaigns. By bidding on your own brand, you not only create a better brand image but also prevent your competitors from ranking for your brand name. If hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth isn’t cutting it, then nothing ever will.

Stay vigilant

Keeping all of these in mind, it is important to realize that we have only scraped the tip of the iceberg. Like all endeavors, online marketing requires a tireless approach and an incredible amount of micromanagement to prosper. The problems businesses face are more than often unique to their own situation, standing, industry etc. Likewise, the struggles of online advertisement will vary from company to company and it is every owner’s responsibility to identify these issues early on and make sure his business is still afloat come tomorrow.

Blake Davies

Blake Davies is an IT consultant for small to medium-sized businesses. Besides that, he is a regular contributor to several online media outlets. When he’s not working you can find him at the local football pitch.