Insightful Tips For a Successful Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

The holiday season is the prime time for solidifying as well as increasing your customer numbers. Implementing an innovative email marketing strategy is an effective and inexpensive ways of boosting the performance of your business, provided you take the time to design the campaign properly. In order to help you achieve this, we have outlined a number of ideas that can give you the edge of your competitors.


Be Polite


It should go without saying, but it nonetheless merits repeating: Be polite when designing the content of your Christmas emails. The holiday season is a joyous occasion, but also a potential source of stress for many people. Writing your promotional emails in all caps, forgetting to thank long term customers for their support, not congratulating Christmas, etc. are all surefire ways to lose sympathy with your audience. Instead, try to design your emails as if you are sending them to a dear friend or relative. Even people who scoff at the very idea of marketing emails can appreciate when you treat them with nicety and politeness. The holidays are a special time of the year, so you should make an effort to make your customers feel special as well.

Offer Something for Free


During holidays, the whole service and goods industry gets called into action to fight for consumer attention and money. It is likely that your customers are receiving plenty of marketing emails from your competition. To put you ahead of the curve, you should offer something for free to old and new customers alike. Coupons can incentivize newer customers to start using your service, while giving away a digital item like an e-book, or a timed service subscription for free is a great way to ensure long-term loyalty from existing customers.

Personalize Your Message


Email marketing has been around since ARPANET days. About anyone that has an email account has been target by marketing campaigns at some point in their life. This means that your average customer has seen a lot of promotional emails over the years, and has probably started filtering them subconsciously based on how they are worded. To counteract this, focus on customizing your narrative for particular customer categories, and even individual customers. A quick and dirty way to achieve this is by customizing and personalizing the subject line of an email, for example by referring to your customers as ‘cinephiles’ (if their purchase history contains a lot of movies), or by using their full name (‘Merry Christmas Jane Doe! We have a free coupon for your next purchase!’).

Experiment with your Design


Your marketing email is not just about text. Following in the tradition of their paper cousins, modern emails allow for a variety of designs for each occasion. Use this to your advantage. An unconventional layout, such as one based on the way a Christmas card looks for example, will signal to the customer that this is an email for special occasions, which is why it might be worthwhile to read. A bold color scheme with plenty of contrast will similarly earn you points with customers which associate the holidays with a certain aesthetic. A handwritten typeface will appeal to customers nostalgic for the days of writing and sending physical Christmas cards. If combining all of these elements into a cohesive whole can seem like a daunting task, it might be worthwhile to seek out services of a creative web design company, ensuring that your emails will achieve maximum impact.

Watch for Wishlists and Abandoned Carts


Customers who used your services previously are more likely to respond to your marketing campaign. In particular, customers that have previously added items to a wishlist or their shopping cart have already shown incentive to use your services, and it only takes a little nudge to achieve conversion. Research has shown that emails re-targeting customers like these have a success rate as high as 29%.  In terms of email content, the best way to appeal to these individuals is to simply remind them of their browsing activity, possibly notifying them of discounts that came to be applied in the meantime.


Seize the Opportunity


The Christmas holiday season gives you lots of options for engaging with your customers through email content. Hopefully the advice we have provided here will convince you to take the design of your email marketing campaign seriously. It is in your best interest to help customers have hassle-free holiday experience, and informing their consumer behavior through well-crafted emails has been proven to work time and time again.