7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Remote Support

Is hiring someone offshore with a different language and culture than yours beneficial for your company?

Many companies, especially start-up businesses, are embracing the practice of hiring remote workers. There are a lot of benefits of adding remote workers to your team. It’s no wonder that the number of remote workers is rapidly increasing.

It’s understandable that you have your apprehension. With language barrier as one of the major issue, everything could turn into a mess. If you still doubt the idea of hiring remote support, below are some of the reasons that might convince you to do the opposite.


Increased Productivity

One of the biggest factors that cause stress to employees is the commute to work. Imagine having to spend hours caught in the traffic. You arrive at the office exhausted and not in a good mood.

Remote workers can work wherever they want. They won’t even have to leave the comfort of their room. They can find a working space where they can focus more on their work. Eliminating the stress of commuting together with having the flexibility to find a conducive working space is a sure factor to increase productivity.

Remote workers don’t just get the work done. They also exceed your expectation and go the extra mile. Employees are willing to work more hours in exchange for the privilege of working at home.

Cost Effective for the Employer and Employees

If you want to cut off some company expenses, consider hiring remote employees.

First, having remote workers would not require a physical office. You would save money on janitorial services, electricity, furniture and other overhead costs. In addition, you’ll be able to reduce your expenses on the purchase and maintenance of technology. A remote employee can use their own devices including backup assistance. Also, hiring someone offshore cost less than hiring someone locally.

In return, the employee benefits on working from home as well. He’ll save a chunk of expenses from clothes, transportation, and child-care.

You Have Access to Vast Pool of Talents

Outsourcing gives you access to an unlimited source of talented individuals. Hiring the best talent regardless of their location is now possible. Having a group of talented and driven employees create a formidable team.

Outsourcing is like giving you the whole access to the entire ocean. Now you can easily select the best set of people for your team. It’s easy to scout talented people that match the same passion and vision of your company with just a simple run through the available profiles online.

Reduces Turnover

Most employees quit their jobs because they are no longer happy.

Remote workers are less stressed than the office workers. With the burden of commuting and childcare taken off from their shoulder, they feel more gratitude towards their job. Plus, having the perk of choosing your work location certainly tops the cake.

Because remote workers are more productive, they feel more fulfillment towards their job. Being able to contribute gives them a sense of direction. Knowing that they are an important part of the team boosts their morale.

The chances of losing valued employees are incredibly lesser in remote workers.

Increased Wellness

One of the major downsides of having a physical office is that the spread of communicable diseases is inevitable. You have one team member who has flu today; chances are some team members may catch it too. Your productivity is compromised when your team members are sick.

You won’t be having this problem when you have a remote workforce. You won’t have to worry about cold and flu season. After all, it’s impossible to spread germs to one another when the only contact you have is through email, video conference or chat.

Your remote employees are not only well physically but also in a spiritual and emotional aspect. They have increased work and life balance and lesser stress.

You Will Have A Team With Different Perspectives

Some people think that diversity brings chaos and tension.

I beg to disagree on this. As a matter of fact, diversity and differences can bring out the best in you. Some best ideas came from a collaboration of different minds with different perspectives.

Hiring employees from different countries with different culture and languages brings variety to your team. This will come in handy during brainstorming or finding solutions to the problems. You would get several of fresh ideas and solutions from people who think differently.

Extending Hours Of Operation

When you have a team from the different part of the globe, you have people working in different time zones. You have people who can answer customer’s queries, update social media and anything else that needs attention all around the clock.

You can provide better customer service because you’re guaranteed that someone can address customer’s issue round the clock. You won’t even have to pay for overtime. Your employees will have a healthy life and work balance because they won’t have to extend long hours just to make sure that someone covers the shift.

It’s clear that the future for remote support workers is brighter. With so many benefits, there’s no wonder why more companies are bringing in a remote employee to their team. It’s time to remove your apprehensions and consider hiring remote support for your business.

Ryan Stewart

Ryan Stewart is a digital marketing consultant with over 8 years of experience working to help Fortune 500 brands grow their online presence. He currently resides in Miami, where he owns boutique creative agency WEBRIS. You can find Ryan on Twitter or LinkedIn.