4 Digital Productivity Tips

Modern-day offices are very much dependent on technology to run smoothly and remain productive. This is a blessing in many ways because there’s much less infrastructure needed to start and run a company, but it’s also a problem because companies are becoming too reliant on technology in many respects.

Build a productivity routine that depends on using the best tech, but don’t forget that your day-to-day tasks need to inform the choices you make. Sometimes, it’s enough to have a piece of paper to write down your tasks and unplug for a while.

Going mobile

Anything that can be done on a traditional computer should be done on a mobile device. That goes for organizing the day-to-day tasks needed to run a company and for the backstage part of the job that includes financing and customer support.

Have in mind that doing your work from a phone can mean that the data you’re gathering might be less safe and you need to invest in the latest software that will allow you to work comfortably from your phone, without jeopardizing the company.


Emails are probably the most important modern tools we have at our disposal. They have revolutionized communication and made everyone’s job a bit easier, but they are also probably the least productive means of organizing a team within a company. In order to use your communication time much more efficiently, the team should switch to Slack as soon as possible.

Slack has the benefit of putting all your job-related chats in one particular place where you can organize them based on the talking points or on the task at hand, or even based on who needs to complete the task in question. It’s much more productive than an email and it allows you to use your time more productively.

Carving out time

There is always a lot of distractions at the workplace and sometimes you need to get away from all of it and take the time to think and plan your next move. Luckily, tech which is a source of these distractions can also be helpful in this regard.

One of the ways of doing this is to use sound-isolating headphones, such as Shure SE846. These are comfortable to use for hours and they allow you to be productive while on the job even with all the distractions. This is especially handy in the open-office environment.


To-do apps and to-do lists get a bad rap because many feel like they are either not that useful tools, or that they end up controlling too much of your life. However, a well-chosen to-do app can prove to be just what you need to structure your day in a productive manner.

What makes the Todoist app stand out is the fact that it’s easily transferable from one device to another and even though it’s simple to use, it can be connected with other appointment apps or Google calendar. All of this makes it a perfect tool for managing a busy life.


Digital productivity needs to be organized and managed. You need to use the apps and the gadgets in a manner that is fitting to the way you do business.