5 Ways to Boost Your Organic Search Traffic Today

Before we even start, it’s important to understand that while success doesn’t come overnight, there are some methods that give immediate results. This is one of the most paradoxical phenomena in the world of marketing and business in general. On the one hand, everyone preaches about the importance of long-term results and the misleading allure of short-term techniques, yet, if a method fails to give results in a certain time-span, a lot of people are willing to give up on it. Here are five techniques that will boost your organic search traffic as soon as you start implementing them so that you can immediately see that you’re on the right path.

  1. Google’s featured snippet

The simplest way to get to the top of any Google search is to get featured in the snippet. The way to get there is fairly simple. First of all, you need to know the exact question that your readers are going to ask, which is, more or less, yet another keyword research. Next, you need to create content that specifically answers the question. Preferably, this content should be formatted as a list, so that the answer can be displayed as a brief step-by-step instruction. Aside from this, it should also possess an in-depth answer for those who would like to know more. Lastly, you need to create truly outstanding content. Keep in mind that everyone is trying to get their article featured, which is why the competition will be tough.

  1. Guest posting

Another thing you need to do is look for a reputable blog that will allow you to guest post there. Why? Because it contributes to your personal brand. Plus, you can include the link in the bio, which will act as a digital breadcrumb trail, allowing people to track it down to the source. In this case, the source is your blog and from here, your business. Most importantly, by guest posting, you’ll gain an instantaneous reputation boost, seeing as how followers of the blog in question automatically assume that the people behind the blog they trust saw some value in you. This alone gives them a reason to approach your post with a higher dose of respect, which always works in your favor.

  1. Switching your hosting options

The next thing that deserves your immediate attention is the technical aspect of your website. We’re talking about its speed, it’s uptime (which is supposed to be at least 99.99 percent of the time) and, of course, issues surrounding its maintenance. The simplest way for you to do so is to go for cpanel hosting plan. Aside from being easier to install and use, cpanel hosting provides you with much greater portability. In a scenario where you have to transfer a website from one hosting company to another, later on, this would be much easier. Needless to say, if you’re concerned with compatibility with different browsers (even some legacy browsers), you should also go with this option.

  1. Community hijacking

A lot of people believe that in order to get a community of loyal followers, you have to build it yourself. This is because they are completely ignorant of the term community hijacking. What this means is that there are already places online where your community gathers. We’re talking about forums, subreddits and comment sections of other blogs. Making your presence there known and steering this audience towards you should be easier than you assume.

Keep in mind, though, that the term hijacking doesn’t have as negative connotation in the digital world. This is mostly because by becoming your loyal follower, they won’t necessarily stop visiting the place where you’ve picked them up from. In fact, you might even get to return the favor to the source at one point. You can even actively do so.

  1. Improving your email marketing

The next thing you need to do is start investing in email marketing. This is something that a lot of entrepreneurs are keen to do, seeing as how they know that this gives a 4400 percent ROI, meaning that it returns $44 for every $1 invested.

First of all, you need to start by growing your own email list. Some prefer to buy email lists but this is not nearly as efficient as growing your own. Second, you need to work on the content of your emails. In the era of phishing, you need to look as human-made and as legitimate as possible. Start by learning how to write a short, descriptive and compelling subject line. Third, try not to cram too much information into the email.

Also, be careful not to make your CTA button look too sketchy. If there’s a link to follow, shorten it with Bit.ly or TinyURL. Lastly, don’t forget to add your custom signature, in order to appear even more professional.


These five techniques are a backbone of your digital marketing and can make a huge difference in your overall online presence. Most importantly, they give you both short- and long-term results, which means that you won’t get a chance to second-guess their effectiveness for a minute. Once you have these five aspects on a satisfactory level, you should start thinking about what else is there for you to improve.