8 Effective SEO Tips and Tricks to Use for a Resume and Cover Letter Writer

When you send out your resume and cover letter, you need to consider SEO tactics. Your resume will likely be sent electronically and scanned through some software. Only after you pass that test, will the recruiter personally look at your resume. Some recruiting agencies base their short list off the results of the software analysis. If you are about to apply for a new position, you have come to the right place.

There are some tips and tricks you can use to make your resume and cover letter SEO friendly. Take it a step further and hire a resume and cover letter writer. Today’s writers are very much aware of the importance of SEO when it comes to job applications. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hire a writer and these tips will help you come out on top.


  1. Keywords

Let’s start with the obvious, but most important tip. Your resume and cover letter has to include relevant keywords as step number 1. An application tracking system is the type of software used by recruiters. This system scans for keywords that are in line with the job opening. You need to have a look at the job advert and adjust your resume and cover letter accordingly. Also check out the company website and see which words come up constantly.

  1. Amazing Headlines

This is an important part of your cover letter and resume. Come up with an intriguing headline that catches the eye. One way to include formatted headlines is to use your job title as a headline, instead of the name of your employer. It will more likely be picked up by the hiring manager. The name of your employers are not going to benefit you in any way.

  1. Social Media Platforms

You want to be careful with this one, but it could help you if done correctly. In order for your potential employer to get a good idea of the type of person you are, they might look at your social media accounts. You can beat them to this by listing the platforms you are comfortable with them viewing. It is important to keep up with resume trends to increase your chances of success. This was not a factor some years ago, but it is growing in popularity amongst recruiters.

  1. Quality Content

When you write for an online audience, it is an unwritten rule that your content needs to be high-quality. Of course, you are not writing for an online community right now, but it still applies. Make sure your writing has some flow to it without any grammatical errors. Your writing reflects a lot about your attention to detail so make a good impression.

  1. Career Summary

There are a few highlights you can use in your opening summary. This is going to tell the recruiter if you are a potential candidate for the post. A career summary also saves a lot of time and shows respect for the person reading your resume. Keep it short and remember it is a summary, not an essay. Quick review of who you are, what you accomplished and what your goals are.

  1. Chronological

You can find a lot of popular resume formats with one quick search, but the chronological format is great for SEO purposes. Always highlight your recent position first because that is probably the information that is the freshest in your brain. Work experience is very important to recruiters and ultimately to employers. Instead of having the recruiter search through your resume for your most recent position held, let them have it at the go.

  1. No Fluff

Just like online content, you want to keep all the fluff and unnecessary details out of your resume and cover letter. It serves no purpose and just adds more pages. You want to adhere to the rules of 1-2 pages of resume and an easy way to do this is by avoiding details that are irrelevant. You want to be seen as someone who read the full job advert and understands what it entails.

  1. Show Your Passion

Some people take resumes too seriously and it reflects in the way they write. A resume is a professional document, but you want to sound like an actual person. Be authentic in what you put on your resume and show that you are more than just your job. Don’t be afraid to add some of your passions on there. This can be goals you want to still achieve or what you enjoy doing on the weekend. You want to do this is a classy manner and only include those activities and passions that are in line with the position you are applying for.


Keeping up with developing trends is a sure way to stay ahead of the game. Accept that technology is used for everything and adapt your resume and cover letter accordingly. These steps are what are relevant right now, but who knows what will be trendy next year.