Which Writing Tools Will Help to Make More Money from Your Blog or Website in 2018

Running a blog or a website in 2018 is not an easy task because of all the rules you have to follow. We are so fortunate to have access to great online tools, but you can’t find a commitment tool online. Everything you want to be successful in will require you to commit and work hard. These tools can make your life a bit easier though and allow steps to flow in a synchronized manner.

Any blog or website will take a lot of time and effort, but you can still make an income from it. As time goes on you will notice how much things change, but one thing that is true, you cannot run a successful website with minimal effort. Not all of us are great writers, but that should not determine the outcome. Using tools to help you become a better writer can improve the odds stacked against you.


Portent Title Maker

Understanding that the title of any post is an important factor will help you increase your success. This is the first part of your post that readers see and it will determine if they read it or not. This tool helps you in those moments when creativity just does not want to work. You simply enter the subject of your content and it will give you a few suggestions. This is all you need to boost your own creativity and come up with a great title. Sometimes you are lucky enough and find the perfect one in the suggestions on Portent Title Maker.


This tool has been a lifesaver for many bloggers and writers. We are not all grammar gurus, but you stand a better chance to do well with Grammarly. The great thing about it is that you do not just get your grammar corrected. Every part of your writing that suggests passive voice will be picked up. You are going to be able to write better content, which translates to more traffic and higher earnings. You can find a paraphraser online that works well, but not all grammar checkers are created equally. Grammarly has grown in popularity, even though it has not been around for that long.


Writing for your audience is all about making a connection and adding some value to their lives. Unless you are doing academic writing, it’s best to leave the overcomplicated words out. There is no reason for you to try and sound smart when you are blogging. Hemingway will pick up these difficult to read words and highlight it for you. It also will identify any sentences that does not make sense. You can then go ahead and simplify these to make for better reading.

Egg Timer

This has been one of the most popular timers for good reasons. We can get so easily distracted when it comes to sitting down and actually write. Just having a timer attached will help you not only stay motivated, but also to get your work done. A little boost in motivation never hurt anyone. This tool is specifically designed for writers and time your writing accurately. At the end of the day you can rest assured that you have not wasted any precious time. Sometimes we can sit in front of the computer for hours without getting much work done.

Calmly Writer

Distractions are a writer’s worst nightmare because it steals so much of time. With this tool, you can start feeling like a writer from decades ago. It gives you a clean screen to write on with minimal side buttons. This content editor is great for people who can hop from screen to screen when they do not need to be doing that. Now you can sit in front of your computer with only your text in front of you. When you want to make money blogging and writing, the amount of what you get done is important.

Semrush SEO

Writing for an online community is more than just perfect text. You need to also include in that some good SEO articles. Having an automatic paraphraser will only get you that far. Familiarizing yourself with the SEO rules can take some time. This is one of the better keyword finding tools out there. You can also look at your competitors on here. In fact, it’s one of those all-round SEO tools. There is a free and paid version, but you can use the free one for all your basic SEO needs.


Making money writing blog or website content is still possible in this day and age. People are starting blogs and within some time, gain a lot of traffic, which means a lot of income. Do not get discouraged when you don’t make your first million in a year. Any website and blog takes time to grow a significant amount of traffic. You just need to keep going and following the rules. Keep in mind that it is not always the best writers who become successful bloggers. Making a connection with your audience is where success is.