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Trends In Office Automation Taking the World by Storm

For those businesses that want to lower operational costs, the idea of adopting Business Process Automation (BPA) has become one of the top solutions. The incorporation of software applications, integrating applications and restructuring manpower throughout a company or institution is the general definition of BPA. There are three primary methods of delivering Business Automation Applications.


  • Extension of BPA to existing IT systems. Most IT systems are intrinsically automated. By linking BPAs to these existing IT systems, you are able to obtain the desired automation. In this way, automation can be designed especially for that organisation’s needs. The downside is that it is difficult and time-consuming to train or find qualified people both internally or from outside.
  • Purchase a specialised BPA tool. As BPA utilisation becomes popularised, many specialists in different fields are providing BPAs that are purpose-built for specific needs of an organisation, such as monitoring social media trends. Many of these types of BPAs come with easy to use interfaces that allow “non-technically qualified” staff to operate it. This saves the company time and money since they don’t have to train them in its use.
  • Purchase a BPM solution that comes with BPA extensions. Though Business Process Management (BPM) systems are very different from BPAs, building automation “on the back of” BPM is achievable. This solution’s benefit is also its drawback. A BPM model delivers a structure for all functions in the organisation to be mapped, but this also causes delays in individual processes, making whatever benefits you would expect to be lost or decreased in the meantime.


Seems like every industry known to man is becoming automated these days. And as 2017 turns into 2018, this trend of automation will only gain in speed and popularity. Even now, the world of media has seen the rise of the “journalists that never sleep.” Even social media platforms are seeing AI taking control.

Here is a quick glance at three trends in automation.


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Increasing Your Marketing Outreach Results in 2017

A marketing outreach strategy customized for your target audience, your brand and the products/services you offer is the best plan for success. It’s about you – making what is unique to you appealing to the widest audience will produce the best results.


That should go without saying, but too many marketing decision-makers opt for generic methods that worked for some target audience on some product that might or might not have any connection with what you produce and sell. That’s the danger of blindly following the hottest marketing trends and schemes dominating the industry – They might not work for your purposes.


A backwards glance a few years out (just months in many cases) will show that many strateies, though they were appealing at the time of launch, had no significant impact on sales. If marketing doesn’t lead to sales, it is a waste of money, time and focus.


When it comes to “you” versus “some,” the choice is obvious: Spend your time and your money on communicating why you, your products and services matter to your audience. Rigorously ignore “them.” The only question that matters is, “What difference-maker/game-changer do you offer?”


In summary, always tailor your efforts to your audience and what you are offering that will improve their life or lifestyle.


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