Trade Shows and Social Media – Match Made in Heaven

In case you have never given this combination any thought before, it definitely does not seem like something that should work. Trade shows are this old-timey, literally historic way of promoting your business and social media is one of the most modern and contemporary mediums where you can do the same. They really shouldn’t go well together, should they?

Well, in reality, they go together as well as a mojito and a cool summer evening, like a new relationship and a walk on the beach, like eggs and bacon. The only thing you need to know is how to utilize social media to enhance your trade show exhibit, which is what we will be talking about here.

For one, you can use social media to attract visitors to your booth, which is the primary goal. As this very useful blog post from NVP Exhibits states – you have only three seconds to catch someone’s eye at a trade show. With social networks, you can make those three seconds last longer. In addition to this, you can use social media to learn more about your competition as well as the people who attend trade shows, your potential customers.

So, let’s go deeper!


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