Don’t miss out on YouTube

Leveraging the #2 search engine

If you were bought up in an English-speaking country, your mother may have spoken of ‘doing the Hoovering’. It’s easier to say ‘Hoover’ than ‘vacuum cleaner’, but a product or service needs to be very popular before it can become a verb.

We all say ‘I’ll Google it’ when we mean ‘I’ll do a web search’. How often do you hear someone say ‘I’ll YouTube it’?

That’s regrettable. If you’re a marketer, the phrase ‘I’ll YouTube it’ should become part of your vocabulary. Think of YouTube as the world’s #2 search engine — way bigger than Bing or Yahoo, and with promotional opportunities that leave even Google in the dust. If you’ve neglected YouTube, this post will help you get up to speed.


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